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March 28, 2010


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Joe Scalabrelli

Although we do have IDX and personal realtor sites, I still think we need realtor.ca to compete with other mediums of selling homes.

People want their home advertised on the internet, and having a central, well-known site provides the advertising power many buyers want and will pay for.

I think realtor.ca (although it's not really the MLS), is a big part of why the competition bereau is fighting for looser rules to getting on it. It's valuable, and we've already spent lots of capital developing it.

Perhaps it should be further altered or tweaked in order to serve the public and our needs better, but I'm not sure I'd do away with it entirely.


It is a great way to showcase your listing ... get other data and so on. However, simply putting a listing on Realtor.ca does not do the job. You have to work hard to push your listing and "sell" it to people that have shown interest. We realtors do require a means of publicizing our listings to each other, but it does not have to be Realtor.ca. "Better" co-operation, sharing, and networking among Brokerages may be the answer.

Justin Time

Of course we shoudl get rid of Realtor.ca. It again demosntrates the pure incompetence of CREA. When you throw a tool realtors use in consumers face of course they will feel entitled to use it besides it has virtually no value to realtors.
It just shows how dumb down CREA and TREB(who gave 700K of our money to 1 of their former presidents, Realtysellers)are. Besides getting rid of Realtor.ca I alos would love to get rid of CREA. Why do we have crea? Real Estate is local and we dont need to be organized nationally since that is what is causing the problems and Realtors dont need to be forced to be a member of CREA. The fact that CREA grabbed their ankles before the tribunal even started shows how stupid this vonluntary Board is. Who makes concessions just before going to Trial??

Zeit Geist

Thanks to Mr. McLachlan to bring this issue up. Realtor.ca should be abolished as of yesterday. It is not just practically Worthless to Realtors but actually has an adverse effect on Realtors. It should never have been launched.
Crea should have had a FULL vote
before deciding on such a big change. Creas last phony 87% vote was by local Board insiders who represent LESS than 0.5% of their 98K members, the rest got disenfranchised.

Justin Credible

If anybody can lead a solid effort to get rid of Mls.ca it is Ken. He has the credibility and statue to lead the field. I dont know any Agents who like Mls.ca

Here we go Joe. What mediums do we need to compete with? As Ken would say we are not a fleamarket.

Kory, Realtor.ca is NOT meant for Realtors to showcase listings to other realtors, We use torontomls!
What other Data can we get from realtor.ca????? There is already great coop among brokerages!! I agree with you that we have to work hard to sell our listings for great prices but whast never mentioned is how hard we have to work to even get a listing and take Risk of it not selling. Or showing Buyers 30 homes just so they chnage their mind. Our so called leaders at Crea, TREB have been a total failure INCLUDING MICHAEL POLZLER.

Kore Kar

Kory, Your comments are extremely odd and peculiar. Please stop publishing mis information.

Joe you say Realtor.ca is the reason for the Bureaus case but in the same breath you say it is a valauble tool. You seem very confused, please speak to Ken so he can explain it to you. It is really sad to read these kind of comments from Realtors. 72% of Realtors sell Less than 4 deals a year. Obviosuly all can have their own opinion but not facts. Your comments simply are NOT factual.

We love Ken. Finally someone with some guts to raise obvious common sense issues. I should have never left Hallmark:)

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