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May 13, 2010


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Joe Scalabrelli

Ken, thanks so much for sharing this with everyone. It helps us to see how the process works.

Geoffrey Grace

Best of luck Ken! You've done the right thing by hiring representation.

Ken McLachlan

It's an interesting thing - I know for a fact I did nothing wrong and the agent wasn't accused of doing anything wrong - but the point of being accused is unsettling. Gonna write more about this as it progresses

Zeit Geist

Welcome to overzelous and activst RECO. Unfortunately vast majority of RECOs cases are about nonsensical issues which are usually thrown out before even a hearing. No wonder they had to massively increase dues since they like to waste alot of time on nonsense. Ken I hope you will complain to the ministry in writing bi weekly over next 6 months. Reco has way too much power and We all know that power corrupts, absolte power corrups absolutely.

Mayer Rothschild

I can feel your frustration. After 9 years in business I had a complaint launched against me by a Broker of Record of a company LITERRALY has NO Listings. He was upset that he had missed the fact of a marketring fee. After loosing at TREB arbitration he decided to make thigns up and go to reco. In my opinion RECO after reading his letter should have shredded it but instead they decided to waste my time first and than dump in the trash where it belonged. I agree with the previous persons comment that power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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